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OCS Courses Policy




Registration Fee = MUR 1,500.00 (non-refundable).  This fee covers all registration fees at the Registered Institutions.

Fees are to be payable at the commencement of each month.

The first-month payment is to be paid within seven (7) days prior start of the course.

Group discount is available on inquiry (minimum 5 or more applicants).


Indicate the payment preference that you will use in respect of remaining Course Fees:

One-Off Full Settlement                           Yes  o                        No  o

2 x Monthly Instalments                           Yes  o                        No  o

5 x Monthly Instalments                           Yes  o                        No  o


Kindly note that all receipts and statements will be distributed in class.







1.1       This Agreement shall commence when the Learner is accepted at OCS and will continue until terminated by OCS for any reason.

1.2       An acceptance letter will be sent to a Learner once the Learner is accepted to study at OCS.



2.1       These Terms and Conditions are a legally binding Agreement between the Signatory/ies and OCS.

2.2       The Signatory/ies are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.

2.3       The Signatory/ies guarantees and agrees to be personally liable for all obligations arising from this Agreement.



3.1       OCS’s minimum requirement for the enrolment of a Learner is the age of 16 and a National Grade 10 Certificate and a good understanding of English/French/Kreole as all classes are conducted in these languages.

3.2       The Learner is required to be in good physical health and should inform OCS of any disability, which could impede his/her ability to achieve the tasks required of the course.

3.3       A ‘can do’ attitude and an ethic of hard work and co-operation as well as a passion for food.


4.         DISCLAIMER

4.1       While every effort has been made to ensure the information supplied is accurate, OCS cannot be held responsible for any errors and/or omission(s).



5.1       The date of receipt by OCS of the completed Application Form from the Learner will be deemed to be the effective date of the registration.

5.2       Registration cannot be accepted unless the Application Form has been fully completed, signed in full by the Applicant, where necessary also by the Applicant’s Parent or Guardian and the Surety, and initialed by each party on the bottom right corner of each page of the form and the registration fees paid.

5.3       The non-disclosure by the Learner of any important personal information during the registration process will amount to a breach of the Agreement, and OCS will be entitled to terminate the Agreement.  Personal information shall include but is not limited to the information requested in the Application Form and includes the full disclosure of all criminal infringements, criminal records and/or disciplinary hearings.


6.         FEES

6.1       The fees, relevant levies, and other costs for the Learner’s studies at OCS are the Learner’s responsibility, and should the Learner fail to make a payment; legal action shall be instituted against him/her.

6.2       On acceptance of the application, the Learner will become liable for the payment of the tuition fees following the payment option selected in the application.

6.3       All outstanding fees are to be paid in full before the Learner is allowed to participate in his/her examinations and/or to graduate.

6.4       Course fees quoted may be subject to change without written notice.


7.1       OCS Course Fees will be refunded in the following instances:


             Option 1: Learner withdrawal from the course (either by the Learner or initiated by OCS). Registration fees of MUR 1,500 and               assessment fees of MUR 1,500 are not refundable fees once paid to OCS and are kept as lump sum indemnity.


            Option 2: Course fees will not be refunded in the following instances:

                            Once the course has started the following refund policy will be applicable if the total course fees were already paid to OCS:

                          - 25% will be refunded if learner opt to leave in the first month. The remaining is kept as lump sum indemnity.

                          - 15% will be refunded if learner opt to leave in the second month. The remaining is kept as lump sum indemnity.

                          - No refund will be made in the final month of the course if the learner opt to leave.

8.         TERMINATION

8.1       Should the Learner decide that he/she does not wish to complete the course, the Learner may cancel the Agreement by providing the following written notice to OCS.

8.2       One (1) calendar month’s written notice during the period of the course. The Learner will be liable to OCS for any amounts owed in terms of the Agreement for the course.

9.         BREACH

9.1       In the event that a Learner breaches any term of this Agreement or fails to fulfill any obligation imposed upon him/her in terms of OCS code of conduct or rules, including a failure to pay any amount owing then, OCS may forthwith and without notice to the Learner either terminate this Agreement or call for specific performance in respect of all the Learner’s obligations and immediate payment of all sums of money owing by the Learner.

9.2       OCS shall be entitled to forthwith or without notice terminate this Agreement if the Learner conducts gross misconduct or for drug use or vandalism.

9.3       In addition to the above, any Learner, whose Agreement is cancelled/terminated due to a breach on the Learner’s behalf, will not be permitted to complete his/her course and examinations.



10.1.     The Learner undertakes not to institute any claim of any nature against OCS or any employee of OCS and not to hold OCS or any employee of OCS responsible for any damage or loss of any nature whatsoever that the Learner, personally, or any property belonging to the Learner may sustain and which directly or indirectly follows.

10.2       The Learner’s utilization of any premises, building, equipment or facility of OCS of any nature whatsoever, or his/her residence in or visiting of OCS accommodation; and that the Learner will undertake such participation, utilization, residence or visiting at his or her own risk and the Learner freely accepts the risks involved therein.



11.1    OCS makes no warranty, nor accepts any responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever, for:

11.2    Any claims, loss or damage of whatsoever nature arising out of or in connection with the supply of any services in any way related to the Agreement;

11.3    The termination and/or suspension of the Agreement;

11.4    Any information not being correct or not being available for any reason whatsoever.



12.1    Learners are expected to submit accurate information and documents by the due date or on time should no due date be specified.

12.2    Learners are expected to update their details at any stage that a change occurs.

12.3    Learners are required to complete all the units regardless of dietary or religious preferences or limitations.  For example, vegetarians are expected to complete all units about the preparation and cooking of meat dishes.


13.       DOMICILIUM

13.1    The Learner chooses as his/her address to receive any legal documents for all purposes under this Agreement as the physical address which he/she supplied in the Application Form.

13.2        All notices delivered in terms of this Agreement must be in writing.


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